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Change Takes Courage

Your mental health shouldn’t deplete your quality of life, or keep you from experiencing the abundance you deserve. Is there something that’s been weighing on your heart for a while, or new emotions that have recently surfaced?

You don’t have to live with that weight on your shoulders. Sometimes taking the first step toward healing is the hardest milestone. Psychotherapy can treat symptoms of low self-esteem, constant worry, difficulty with social interactions, or feelings of sadness. We encourage clients to enter with an open heart, a desire for change, and a willingness to discuss their experiences.

If you are looking for mental health support in Albuquerque, contact our counselors today. Scheduling an appointment is a great opportunity to take your first step towards a better tomorrow, and assure our services are a good fit for you.


What You Can Expect:

Counseling consists of a confidential therapeutic relationship that’s built between you and a professional clinician. A counselor offers the pillars of trust, care, and nonjudgemental services that create a safe space for every client. We help you gain insight into your experiences, and uncover the roots of your emotional responses. Our goal is to offer actionable solutions to your problems with proven psychotherapy techniques and open communication sessions. These practices lead to healthier decision making, healing of past wounds, and an increase in overall happiness.

Counseling Misconceptions:

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix, it takes consistency and willingness to grow. A few sessions are not enough to promote sustainable change in your life. It’s important to build a close relationship with your counselor, and allow yourself ample time to heal your wounds and change your behavior. Counselors won’t tell you what to do with your life, or give you life advice. They are focused on helping you promote self-driven internal healing. Counseling is a safe space, if a diagnosis is made it’s only to identify your pressing issues and bring clarity to the situation. There will be no shaming, labeling, or judgment because you are struggling.

The road to the fully realized person you wish to become includes necessary moments of awareness and acceptance of who you currently are, warts and all.

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